New A3 8P 3.2 Owner


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Hello everyone,

New here, been snooping around for a while to get valuable information before buying my 2005 A3 sportback 3.2 DSG. She is far from perfect and I have some impending maintenance to do on some of the common issues.

She'll soon be after a timing chain service, but before that I have a DSG issue which I'm tackling one step at a time. First step was a VCDS calibration which made no change. Step 2 was a brake pedal switch, Also no change. Next step is an oil and filter service coupled with a software update (via Audi dealer) and if that makes no difference then depending on dealer advice I'll either pull the mechatronics out for a repair or change the clutch packs whilst doing the timing chains.

Lots to do and will hopefully start up a build thread shortly. If someone could point me in the direction of a known good manufacturer/supplier of timing chain kits for these engines it would be appreciated. Audi dealer are preparing a quotation for me with all fixing renewed aswell which isn't normally included in aftermarket kits.