Q7 New Audi MMI not connecting to myaudi on my Q7


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Hi there,

Has anyone been unable to login to their myaudi on their MMI, it's the new fully touchscreen version. I get an error of unable to login



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I’m having issues logging onto the app, yet the missus has no issues, so something is screwy


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No problem logging onto myAudi app this morning on my iPad :icon thumright:
I guess the transfer from the old myAudi system to the new VW.io didn’t go too smoothly for some accounts! Have emailed customer support to see what’s wrong


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Did you sort it?
I can’t log into my account either, vin isn’t recognised, it’s all pretty FUBAR. Although they know about the problem according to the sales guys, also more shockingly they are bonused on sign up percentage So it not working is affecting them


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So ended up removing my account completely for the 24 hours recommended, tried again, and still no luck. As it’s an account used with my old S4 I signed up with a different email address and worked fine!
If you have an old account, try creating a completely new one.