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Hi folks

I just got my hands on a nice 2.8 quattro a4 estate, I look forward to getting to know people here and the car as this is the first audi I have owned, so far I really really like the car, its a 1999 model with a few little bits required to bring it back up to mint condition.

ABS is coming on now and then at the moment so i will need to have a look at the sensors apart from that and a few little rust bubbles there doesn't seem to be anything else needed though time will tell.


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Greetings and welcome! The B5 shape A4 is one of the best I reckon, and nice choice! Good forum here, and lots of useful information on hand. Get some pics up mate!

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Hiya and welcome. Hope you enjoy the forum. Car sounds nice (got a soft spot for them) get some pics up.