new audi?


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seems to be quite an exciting time for us audi fans - with the new TT, S3 and shooting brake all maybe landing before the end of the year. Is anyone thinking of taking the plunge on one of them - I know I am!

I was thinking about an S4 ex demo but the shooting brake is definately growing on me.



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On the list for the TT /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/groovy.gif However the proposed engines are a bit disappointing (2.0T 200PS and the current 3.2 V6). Not much excitement in the under-the-bonnet department at Audi, it seems.

The Shooting Brake has, apparentlym received a very frosty reception and Audi aren't bothering with it. Instead, it will shrink and turn into the A1 (A2 replacement). Looks neat, but what's the damage going to be? Another shockingly expensive supermini?

RS4 is one I'll be looking out for on the secondhand car market. But only once I reach middle age, and (hopefully) can afford the car and the insurance. Although, there'll be no petrol to run it on by then.


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Auto Express yesterday were talking about the shrinking of the Shooting Brake into an A2 replacement to rival the Mini.


The New S3 just hasnt got the power for me /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Ill be looking to a RS4 as its a job done properly /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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I think that's the way i'm swinging. You'll get a nice <1yr old <10kmiles for about £30-35k.


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I think that's the way i'm swinging. You'll get a nice <1yr old <10kmiles for about £30-35k.

[/ QUOTE ]

There's a very low mileage black one in Aberdeen.
My MD only put around 400 miles on it before he decided it wasn't for him.


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there's a similar one at Vindis but without the satnav, but it's got Symphoney so could be changed...

4 Doors, Manual, Saloon, Petrol, 6,250 miles, Brilliant Red, Anti-lock brakes,Central locking,Climate control,Cruise-control,Drivers armrest,Electric seats,Electric windows,Head rests,Headlamp adjustment,Power steering,Adjustable steering wheel,Engine immobiliser,Symphony 6 CD player,Front fog lamps,Headlamp wash,Xenon headlamps,Acoustic rear parking system,Automatic dipping rear view mirror and auto lights,silk nappa leather interior, 4WD. £32,995.

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