New injectors...?


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Hi all,

My 2015 3.0 V6 TDI C7 broke down a few weeks ago.... horrible misfire while on the motorway, switched engine off and it wouldn't restart. There was a code relating to fuel pressure. (Sorry, didn't get a chance to record full code) It's been recovered to a VAG specialist and their first thought related to timing (quoted scary money for timing chain replacement) then came back and said it's not that, but is a fuel injector problem. They removed and sent away (for testing) all 6 injectors and have said that they are ALL faulty... possibly as a result of debris from a failing fuel pump.

My question is how much should I expect to pay to replace 6 injectors and test/check fuel pump, fuel lines and fuel tank for remaining debris?

Secondly, more generally, is it feasible for all 6 injctors to fail at once? I've had no other symptoms or misfires prior to this.

Car has covered 114k miles, stage 1 remap at 80k.