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Hi All, my friend who is a massive VAG fan recommended this forum. I just purchased a 2010 A8 that I'll be picking up next weekend. It's a very well cared for car with only 2 previous owners. I can share more when I get it. I'm collecting from England and bringing up to the North of Scotland, the first thing I am planning to do is to take it to an undersealing expert to get the chassis steam cleaned and re-sealed. My friend also suggested we check over the major mechanical components. I had a couple of questions for the forum:
1) Any other A8 owners in the North of Scotland?
2) Any tips on first things to check, any recommended work I should look into to keep the car in good working order?

Appreciate any help! Very happy to own an A8 after wanting one for quite some time!


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Welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new on here myself, however not a massive poster. I own a 2016 S8 and live near Elgin, so not that far away from you. Enjoy your car when you get it and hopefully it proves reliable for you.


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Hi Chris, thanks for the warm welcome. Hope the S8 ownership is going well. That's the dream one to have! I couldn't justify an S8 myself at the moment, but I imagine it's really fun on the roads up here. I imagine I might be a little jealous if I pass you on the roads!


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Hope your weather is not too bad, it’s very cold down here in west of Scotland. Think some snow is imminent:)

Indeed they were talking about stormy weather for the next week on the Radio this morning, I hope the roads won't be closed, otherwise, I might have problems returning from England with the car on Saturday! Well, anyway can't think of a more luxurious 4x4 to get caught in the snow with :)


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As a slight update, picked up my A8 last weekend. It was a very wet day, so much for never buy a car in the rain!

Short video attached of just after I bought it when I stopped at the services to pick up a coffee. It's a two-owner car, the second owner was a friend of the first, they are both older gentlemen and seem to have taken good care of it. It's not been driven that much in the last year or two. Mileage is at 87K. Full-service history and massive folder with receipts for all work done.

My friend plugged in his VCDS when I got it back up to the highlands and there are six or seven electrical faults which I will need to start working through. None of them seem very serious (back door lock, handbrake etc.).

Drive from Newcastle back to Inverness was without problem, drives like a new car ! :)

Very happy !!

One of the last D3s, will have 3G MMI which is rare on a D3.

First try clearing the faults, if the car has had a weak or flat battery at any point they flag up a lot of 'ghost' faults. If they come back, then investigate