New member & just bought my first A8 - a fully loaded 4.2 TDi.


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Great to see a forum dedicated to the A8 and with plenty of passionate members. These are complex and expensive cars to keep working so sharing knowledge is good for all of us

Picked up our first Audi last week, a 2011 A8 with the mighty 4.2 diesel engine.Its an ex Audi exec car so has a massive spec which greatly increased its appeal over most out there and makes it a very special thing to drive. Low miles (38k) and in near mint condition, she will make a very worthy replacement for our M5. While the M5 was epic I found it useless on the cold/wet roads in deepest darkest Scotland where the roads are wet 50% of the time, even over what was summer. Loving the smoothness and handling of what is a very large car and of course the effortless urge from the V8, this is going to be a fun family car for the next couple of years.

I am still working my way through all the tech and no doubt will post a few daft questions in the coming weeks. I have already come up against the inability of the car to copy CD's to the jukebox and done some reading on the VCDS I need to activate this function. Why Audi chooses to do this baffles me.

Any other 4.2 owners around?



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I am near Aberdeen Sandra.
Cool. Good to have another Scottish member. We have a fair few in the Aberdeen area. I will add you onto Scottish members list. If you click my signature for small events the members list is in there and you will see who is close by you. :) x


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Really beautiful interior :) I have looked for that kind one when I have searched for my car... It is very hard to find it... :(


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Thanks guys and hi Alan. Yes I am glad, the A8 is in a different league and you would need to tick nearly every option on the A6 spec list to come near to this particular A8. A bit of luck goes a long way sometimes, I have never seen an A8 with this spec and with low miles. Right place, right time and all that.