New member, RS3 on order..

Hi all

So I just put my order down for a panther black rs3 sportback, delivery time estimated for March which is a pain.

Just sold my 300bhp 350Z and fancied a 4wd having got the hang of rwd. Also got a baby on way so needed something a bit more 'practical'!!

Doesn't seem to be a lot of content on here for the new model yet so will upload stuff when I get the car!

Cheers. Dan


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What colour did you go for?


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Enjoy, you have a confirmed BW yet?
Waiting on that at the moment... Chased dealer this morning but nothing yet

When you getting yours??

Our spec's are very similar except for colour


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BW 4 (last week in Jan) 2016
What ever happens I'll be getting it on the new plate :)
Get on your Audi beta, then you can see the vehicle updated..


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I'm also a Panther :) dying to see a picture!!

Originally had build week 6 but recently moved forward to 50