New member saying hi :-)


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Hi everyone,

I'm David and have recently aquired a '97 A4 avant sport 1.8T.

It's actually the other half's car, had to get her out of a ford!
I drive a small fleet of BMW's (don't flame me! :no: ) the pride of my fleet being a 1992 E34 M5 3.8 5 speed in avus blue as well as an E28 525i.

Really pleased with the A4 so far, i'll pop up a few pictures soon, 20v turbo engine is a peach :cool: .

I'm sure i'll have a few questions before long.....


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Hi David, :sign_welcome:to the site...

p.s I like the M3's don't tell anyone.. :eyebrows:


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Cheers, not all BMW owners are tossers, mainly the "fleet" users not us enthusiasts who are the stereotypical BMW man who think their poverty spec de-badged 318i is the dogs :rolleyes: oh well, gives the rest of us a bad name though.

I always show them who their daddy is ;) if the need arises.

Would be very tempted out of BMW ownership by an new RS4 though.