New Mods....A review


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Hi Guys/Gals :hi:

Thought I'd do a write up on a few mods I've done of late, rather than 4/5 threads ;). First of all, I would just like to say, being the well known wheel whore I am :laugh:, I'm still rocking the helios :) There are not many rims that come close for me, they just look immense on the ride :wub:



One of the big mods, I've had done recently are the R8 front brakes and S3 rears. There are only 5 of these R8 kits being made, and I have the first set in the UK :wub: The kit uses the R8 rear 4 pot Brembo caliper, a merc 350x32mm disc (not sure which one :confused:), Pagid DB9 pads (actually fitting a DB9), and braided lines. The stopping power is absolutley superb, the pedal is perfect, nice and progressive as opposed to touching it and flying through the windscreen :laugh:. But when you stomp on them, they do the job perfectly. They are a perfect match for the power I have on my car. Its a shame the spokes of the Helios are quite chunky as it hides most of the brakes, but you get the idea :wub:

Some pics:




If you need any info about these brakes or others, pm me, as I can hook you up with the man who sorted these for me.


I also had the car remapped a few weeks ago by Shark Performance (Ben Wardle) in Mansfield. I'd been thinking about remapping the car for a long time, well 18 months :laugh:, Matt kept moaning at me to do, as he kept calling it a 1.1 :laugh: and always had P-Torque in mind. But I'd starting talking to Ben about clusters first of all, then we started talking about maps.

Ben just impressed me with his helpful attitude, always going out of his way to find information for me, and just his general knowledge on tuning/cars. Ben offered me a cracking deal, so I chose him.

Went to see him in Mansfield, we spoke about what I wanted from the map, which was clean, consistant power, available all the way across the rev range. We went out for a drive, so he could log and analyze the car in standard, then he put his map on it, again, test drove, analyzed, he wasn't happy with the top end. So we put the final map on, which was the ONE :wub:

He said to me it needed a full tank for the ECU to adjust properly, thats when you'll start seeing full benefits. Well I can tell you, I was seeing full benefits on the way home :laugh:. It was like driving a different car, the power is so well distributed across the rev range, it just pulls all the way to the red line. To be honest, the car feels even quicker at top end, it just keeps pulling and pulling and pulling. Ben's maps are absolutley fantastic, I have 100% confidence in the product he's selling, and recommend him to anybody!

Steering Wheel

To be honest, this is the favourite mod I've done recently :wub:. It really does transform the driving experience :laugh:. The wheel is so much chunkier than the regular (poverty :laugh:) Flat Bottom Wheel. Not much different to look at (only slightly), once you've driven with it (as Nigel can verify) you'll understand.



Oh & a better pic of the cluster :wub:


I've also fitted the S3 Sportback Rear Valance as well, need to sort the paint out when I get the side skirts, with Akoya, some angles its all the same colour, then other angles its slightly out, even though same paint code used etc :mad:


Matt also fitted some really nice LED footwell lights and the same at the bottom of the doors:


Thats all really, sorry for waffling on :moa:



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Looks wicked man. I love the alloys, really suit your car. R8 brakes look good, as you say though it's a shame the spokes hide them. I can't wait to have a feel of that wheel lol, see what all the fuss is about!


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Some nice mods there dude, pity the motors filthy lol, get it cleaned.

The RS6 wheel doesnt look different but hell its drives much better, ridiculous how such a small difference makes, albeit expensive one, but well worth it for me & now Nate.

Valance looks well, very.

Do the footwell led's change brightness ok with the DIS menus?

Which Braided lines did he use, got the info please dude?

My only personal no no would be the wheels, I feel they're little OTT for the car, maybe its the closeups, but who gives a feck what I think, if you like then forget my opinion, lol.


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How much are the RS6 wheels?

Car looks excellent Nate :) I think you should get some votex side skirts though!


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Looking great Nate... love the white DIS cluster and the LED footwell lighting...

Just need a set of RS6 buckets now ;)


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N8 mate i love your whip... :wub:

love the wheels.. love the ride height.. love the new s3 rear end.. love the brakes.. love the RS6 wheel... love the leds... an i bet it goes nicely now.. i cant really see in them pics but i reckon you should go for a light tint. i would also get them calipers coloured! id go with silver or grey...

one of the best all round modded cars on the site.. :applaus:


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Very nice mate, you have forgot about your "perfect" LED number plate lights im dying to see these :laugh:. The R8 callipers look brilliant :)

Cheers Davie


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I think you should get some votex side skirts though!

Why ruin it, S3 skirts are the best looking, votex I find look just bolted on.


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Looks gorgeous as always Nath :)

Can't wait to see it when you're down this way :yum:

S3 Rav

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car looks spot on bud


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Looks sweet as Nath.


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Congratulations Nath, on a job well to get me some new wheels :)


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Why ruin it, S3 skirts are the best looking, votex I find look just bolted on.

Yeah Votex on the SB's look pants, you can see the jacking point cut outs, they are much nicer in 3 door version.


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looks great on them wheels, and the r8 brakes!! swish man.

could you get some pics of the full car please.


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Looking good N8, i've changed my mind about those rims too, they've really grown on me.

Interested to know how you did those LED footwell lights, they look great!


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Sexy looking car is all I got to say mate, all the right mods with nothing over the top. Prime example of how an A3 should be! :o.k:

Actually, I'd prefer the red rims you had :hubbahubba:


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your getting there LOL. I can testify that the Akoya looks different colours from different angles too. Very nice all round.


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WOW! Luv it luv it luv it! Always a pleasure looking at your whip! Got a question: Your rear wheel well has the A3 liner which does not reach the rear S3 valence(just like mine) From what I have been told, that area needs a new liner and a plastic fitting on the outside edge. No one over here in non S3 land can help me with the part numbers. I hate it when ice and snow builds up in that area. I kindly ask for assistance in obtaining the appropriate part numbers! Thanks in advance


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Nice collection of mods you have there!


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It's a lovely car N8 with some choice mods :salute:



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great mods! that tt-rs steering wheel is awsome, and the brakes. Enjoy it :racer::beerchug:


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The car looks awsome like it should be on the cover of some mag mate, very nice subtle (until you get to the wheels) work and im loving the **** pit like some kinda space ship lol

Good work that man



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Finally some pics ! , looks sharp Nath.
Catch you in the new year and ill pop the map light in your car..
Just the buckets left...!


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N8, any chance of some pictures of your full car as I want to see what the rims look like matey. I will be in the market for some new wheels in the not so distant future but am still unsure what to go for and from what I can see I really like the look of yours... :thumbsup:


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Thanks for all the comments peeps :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:


effin mint nate i love it the wheels are very nice everything about the car is mint love the s3 rear bumper to .....nice one pal


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A few more pics from today from those who have requested them:





Now running on Bentley's y'all
It looks very tidy. The rims work really well on the car, ignore the haters!

I also wish my car looked that clean in December....


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Loving the way your car sits and looks N8 - a quality looking motor and definitely looks the part :thumbsup:.