New Owner, New Car - Overfilled Oil Warning


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Hi All

We've just taken delivery of our first ever Audi, a C7 RS6 of modest spec. Cracking car, thrilled with it.

We've done 450 miles in it gently, at which point it came up with an overfilled oil warning light. We were literally passing an Audi Dealer who kindly looked at the car there and then and removed some oil. Warning gone.

What concerns me is that this was how it was delivered from the factory, no problems for a number of miles usage over a few days. PDI does not check the oil levels I am told, so I am concerned there is a bigger underlying problem - I can't believe the factory fills the car with anything other than a set amount of oil on the production line.

Has anyone seen this before?


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PDI should defiantly check the oil level, I would assume someone has topped up a little too much before you took delivery, just watch the level indicator over a few weeks, chances are it won't come back on again, if it does then there's another issue, so book in for warranty diag


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I had the same issue on a 2.0tdi ultra. Fresh from the factory an was getting the too much engine oil warning. Seems strange that they would be over filling them