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I have acquired a 2001 'Y' Audi A2, it is a 1.4 Tdi, not sure if its 75 or 90 BHP, any ideas how I can find out without a rolling road?

Guy at work bought it in Nov 2015, to use as his 110mile a day to work and back 'workhorse' and it has done 30k in the last 12 mths.

He stopped using it as it started losing water, and a garage has said it's a Head Gasket Failure, quoted £500 to repair. He now has another car to use for work and this was in the way, he put 4 tyres on in Dec at a cost of £300, and wanted that or as close as that as poss..I was happy to leave it as didn't really need another car, and only wanted something to practice a Head Gasket repair on, anyways he came back to me this morning, saying

'come collect it, and if you fix it give me something then, if you don't, and you scrap it, then so be it'

So here it is,] [/URL]] [/URL]

It has 148k on it, needs a good clean, and suspected HG sorting, I drove it back to Weymouth, and have done about 50-60miles in it already, and it hasn't overheated once, temp gauge hasn't gone above 90 midway on the dash] [/URL]

There is a leak, but not had much chance to have a full gander as yet.


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It's a 1.4TDI (75PS). The 90PS models weren't introduced until 2002/3. To rule out head gasket failure you can get a hydro-carbon sniff test done on the coolant.

If you're ever looking to double-check engine, just type registration into most car part sites.

These models are still particularly desirable, so rather than scrapping check out the A2OC forum.


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Easy to spot if original: the 90bhp Audi A2 had a red-coloured 'I' like so, like my 2004 version - now sold and replaced with an A1:

90bhp A2.JPG

As for the engine number, the 90bhp version was known as the 'ATL' type so a typical engine number would be: ATL 00**4*7

The 90bhp ATL engine was fitted in the A2: 11/2003-08/2005, and in the W Polo: 01/2000-04/2000, 11/14 and maybe others, too.

So yours being a 2001 registered car it's sure to be a 75bhp variant with an AMF engine prefix: nice, GREAT cars are the Audi A2.
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That's brilliant, thank you, I've not had a chance to have a full look at this yet, but am planning to tomorrow.