New TT owner...maybe?


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Hey guys,
needed a bit of advice? i'm currently a a4 owner and dont use it much my wife has a a2 tdi which we use allot as its cheap to run. i'm looking to change the a4 to something quick but nice, i was looking at the 350z's but not keen on jap cars, and nothing else quite takes my fancy....basically

i needed some advice on buying....things to look out for and models to go mate had a run down tt which put me off a bit, but since then i've seen some nice ones which have caught my eye!

also i was after a automatic or semi-auto? i know you can get the 3.2dsg but i've also seen a 1.8t which is the best one to go for

cheers dudes....and dudettes!

Geordie Mike

You've pretty much covered the whole range there - what exactly are you after? The 1.8T comes with a various power outputs. If you don't care about MPG, go for the 3.2, and the DSG is good fun in my opinion. Loads of folk like the feel of the 1.8T 225 too...


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i've been told theres nothing much you can do with the 3.2 engine, i've driven the 180ps tt manual, and liked it,

i've only found 1 auto 1.8t tt or is this a missprint, i did'nt think they where avaible in auto, well not the old shape ones....sorry forgot to mention i was looking for a mk1 not the new shape! wallet dont stetch that far!

one thing i have noticed on the tt is the difference in built from 2000 models to 2004 models, my mates one had harsh rubber door seal that had rubbed off all the paint round the door, i was looking for some advise on the small faults with the car, thing that anoy? to help my choice?


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if i was after an old shape TT, i'd have to get on one of the run-out TT Sport models.

no idea on the specs i'm afraid. If i had to guess, I'd say they were just lightened and tuned versions of the225 BAM TT - but I can't say for certain.


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saw the spec on that i think its called the 'le' but it dont come in auto, the only ones i could find where the 180ps auto of the 3.2dsg, i'm not bothered about the mpg side of things but more the build issues if any?


well you better unsell them, sharpish!
I recently sold my TT 225 for an A4 Avant, in my opinion the TT isnt very comfortable, it's claustrophobic (spelling), I'd never have another one .. similar to your circumstance we used my missus' Golf as the family/shopping runaround .. the TT sat outside the house most weekends as we couldnt all go out in it

When I did (very rarely) stretch it's legs it was good fun I must admit, but I always had a thought at the back of my mind that something is going to go wrong with it ... I dont know why, prefer the A4 all day long though

scuttla 69

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Think mike put you in the right direction the 225s are great fun I love mine good weekend car and up 2 now I have had no faults with mine runs like a dream normal wear and tear stuff like tyres I have to change, hardly ever needed to top up the oil and my electrics have never faulted. As for the 3.2 dsg never drove 1 but I bet they are rapid am running basically the same engine in my r32 and its fast I would love to give it a go in the tt. People knock the tt but I think there great fun as some people say horses for courses.
Sorry mike me mate is has just bought a tt with the carbon pillars a posted a pix have a gander at that :hubbahubba:


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Think about this! I am not sure how many TT's are where you live but I will bet there are more 350z than TT's so why be like everyone else... plus you get a real German made sports car like no other.. I live in Puerto Rico and I have only seen 2 TT's and probably 200+ 350z why be the same as everyone else I have not had much problems that I did not cause I am learning to drive a real car.... I love my TT would not trade for a brand new 350z................... i dint want to be a lemming


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there are actually more 350z's than tt thinking about it now, i was'nt very inpressed by the build on the 350z anyway, but diggin the look. i was at the local audi dealer yesterday and got a good look at the layout...nice!!!

i've been hearing a few stories about rear suspension failiures on tt too, taking out the rear diff, is this ture or simply bad maintance?


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Had my mark 1 TT from new and will be 4 years old in october, love every minute of driving it and still drive the long way home, only problems i have had is drivers window not working correctly and my radio messed up, both fixed under warranty, Dash pods can be troublesome but audi should replace for I think any TT upto 8 years old.
Would I recomend the TT Yes, great car, I love the looks inside and out and its still fun to drive even though the barstard got me 6 points


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Amazing car.... the 225 TT, but it only come in manual, but hey, u can remap the ECU it'll cost about 450$ and u'll get about 260 Hp
Pretty impressive in my opinion, and yes it's always fun to drive, i take the long way home too :icon_thumright:


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The 1.8T DOES come in Auto. Not very common at all, but there are some about!

For A LOT more info, head over to the tt forum (, and you'll get all the info you need there.