New Tyres, Wiper Blades & Silver Wing Mirror


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Need some advice,
1. Good place to get new tyres for S3 225BHP 52 plate.
2. Where to get no BS wind screen wipers (Halfards are crap!)
3. Silver polished wing mirrors

Lastly my car is 35,000 miles it worth taking it to AUDI for the next service or to an 'AUDI Specialist'?
I know a good Audi Specialist in Bristol in Horfield....great guy that fella is.

From nearly clueless Zack:weight_lift2:


I have some brand new Inpro chrome wing mirors for sale. Never been out of the box. PM me if interested.


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For tyres get a quote from Black Circles, see who they recommend as a local fitter, then phone the fitter and they'll give you an even cheaper price.

Wipers from GSF.
I'd also use a specialist over a dealer especially if you already know a good one.


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