NEW Uprated Fuel pump OE style fittings for easy plug and play fuel pump upgrading

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Badger5 have commissioned these stainless steel fittings to complement and ease fitment of higher flow in-line pumps so OE style fitment can be achieved.

Ideal for mk4 platform cars like leon/golf/a3/tt where the stock fuel filter location is just fwd of the rear beam on rhs of car underneath.

These stainless steel fittings have been designed to allow common pumps such as Bosch 044 and some Walbro, DA31 pumps, which utilise m18 inlet and m12 discharge screw end fittings.

DA31 305ltr pump pictured below.


Installed onto an S3 below, where stock fuel filter would live.

Polo Installation below


Stock filter easily relocates into front engine bay location, spliced into the feed pipe to the fuel rail.

Price for these fittings is: £60 inc vat and includes the copper sealing washers plus postage
Uprated Pump inc fittings is: £185 inc vat

AVAILABLE from stock now.