Newbie to the VAG... world. S3 8P Noob Questions


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Hi all,

So this looks like the perfect place to start asking some questions..

I'm new to the Audi world and have decided to look for an Audi S3 - Ideally manual, good history and maybe even some mods if they are decent / enthusiast owned.

I'm just looking to find out some more information from you guys.

From what I've read -

Cambelts & water pumps important - What is the rough cost of replacement for these / how often in miles / years do these need doing?

Cam followers? Is this a straightforward job?

Is there anything else I should be aware of? How do these fare mileage wise?

Is £6-£9k a good budget to find something half decent?

Lastly, don't kill me for asking this.. if you were to do pure motorway mileage and sit at 65/70MPH... what's the best MPG / miles per tank achievable? I'm not doing mega mileage so MPG is not an issue, just out of interest :)

Cheers chaps.


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New to vag myself so can only go by what I know. Cambelt is important no matter what car, iirc you won't get much change out of 600 Inc changing water pump.

If I were you I'd try hold out for a face-lift model 08 +

I recently pocked up a preface 72k 2007 s3 with fsh and really happy with it which cost me 7.5k.

Cam follower I have enquired at my local vag specialist and say 30 for part and 50 for fitting with vat on top ,so about 100 so not that big a deal.

I pick the car up from Lincolnshire which is a good 2 hrs away I was getting 38 mpg (taking it easy) if you have a lead foot then don't expect much more than 30mpg depending on how heavy that right foot is of course!


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I took my car to a VAG specialist in Cheltenham and paid £394 for cambelt and pump to be changed. Far cheaper than I expected. 70k/5yr interval I believe.

Cam follower is easy enough, find a guide online and follow it carefully. Yes, it's worth doing and only a £30 part.

my MPG is in my signature block and will update as I fill the car up. I try to avoid motorways, so as you can see it isn't bad and could improve with motorway mileage.


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Also, get the fuel filter replaced. There is no interval on this, so many are on their original filter. Mine got changed at 103k miles and the garage said it was the same one fitted from factory!


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I had the cam belt and Waterpump done at 40k by awesome gti think it was around £350 Audi wanted £600. Also make sure the haldex 4wd has had a service I had mine done at 40 and it still failed needing a new clutch pump costing around £600 but luckily I had warranty. My cam follower was also changed just before the 50k mark and it was fine but I’d still change it just to be safe. Oil pick up pipe too, these can get blocked starving the engine of oil.


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Hi @s3tommysport, welcome to the forum.

Take a read of this thread if you haven’t already -

You can do as much or as little of this but there is some good info there.

I purchased a manual but wish I’d bought the DSG so if you can, test drive both before making a decision.

The DSG and also Sportback is only available in the facelift (>=58 I think) model.

At a 6-9k budget you’ll have plenty of pfl to choose from (3rd manual only) and the start of the facelift.

At a minimum I’d do (and did) the following:
- Cam belt & water pump
- Oil and filter
- Get oil pick up pipe change at the same time (sump off job) as oil and filter
- Haldex oil and filter - Audi don’t list this part but in link above
- Fuel filter
- Cam follower
- PVC valve
- Check and/or replace the DV valve

The list isn’t as daunting as it looks and don’t be put off by it.