no power to rear passenger side all


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ok i bought my 2002 a4 1.8t a couple of days back and when i bought it there was no sound system, no problem i thought i have a great stereo in the car im scrapping. wasnt planning on audis different plugs and wiring but as im pretty handy i was able to add a switched live and make all the necessary adjustments and got it working ok. however there was no sound coming from the speaker in the rear passenger side door. now i know the doors on the side had been previously damaged and replaced and i also found another audi speaker sitting in the boot so obviously whoever had it before me has thought it was a speaker issue and bought another one then it still didnt work.
upon closer inspection the reason was pretty clear there was no power going to the door.
the speaker doesnt work, the lights on that door dont work and the door doesnt lock or show up as open on the dash.
firstly i disconnected the plugs of the wiring harness between the door and central pillar but all the wires looked good so i checked for continuity with a meter and all the wires from the plug back into the door on the wiring harness seem fine.
i have taken off all the trim to examine it further back but by the time i got the plugs exposed in the front passenger footwell it was too dark to continue so im none the wiser yet
i have spent an hour there googling the problem which was actually how i found this forum but i cant find anything pertaining to this exact issue i have.
just thought i post up here and see if any of you guys have seen the same thing before in the hope it will save me a lot of fruitless searching tomorrow again. im not even sure what way the wiring is set up for example surely the speakers and the power for the light etc originate from different places and if it was a dodgy wiring harness normally id expect some things to be working and some not. id prefer not to have to rip out every bit of trim in the car to find out lol. i checked all my fuses though i didnt think individual doors were on a fuse and found one 15 amp one blown but it say in the haynes manual that that location was for the engine management. anyway i replaced it but still have my problem. id really appreciate any help any of you can offer , thanks


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Could be the window regulator as it has a brain in the unit.

Has it been plugged into VCDS to check the car for any error codes


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It's very common for the wiring to break inside the rubber bellows where it comes into the door.


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hi guys cheers for your replies.
no paul dazzle as i said in my op i examined the wiring as it comes to the door and even checked that harness with a meter from the plug back into their destinations in the door.
@Mike.M - my rear windows are manual with a crank not electric, would they have a regulator even? oh and yes i had a scanner on it 2 days ago as i was getting an engine warning light on after fuelling but it was just throwing up a "lean at bank 1" message nothing to do with the door