Noise on window going down, normal?


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Hi guys, my 2013 S3 3 door: on the window going down it makes a slight clunking noise from the mechanicals inside the door as the window lowers. Doesn't fail to go down and doesn't change speed, just makes an odd noise.

On the window going up, no noise. So I tried the passenger window and this does the same so it's not just one window. Can mainly hear it if you are outside the car next to the door in question. Noticed it with the hot weather and was using the remote to lower the windows so the engine was not on so much easier to hear it clunk.

Is this "normal"? Had the regulator fail on a TT and concerned this might be similar.

Does yours do this?



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No noise from mine but it's a Sportback so the door glass is smaller and lighter. If anything a very slight clunk when it goes back up and reaches the top.