Noisy Boot


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My A2 (2003) 1.6 FSI has developed a constant noisy boot!! It's not the seats as I've had rear passengers in the car, so the seats are firm. Its not the retractable shelf as I've taken that out. It's not the tool compartment under the boot floor. So I don't know what it is, but its driving me mad as there is a constant noise coming from the boot every time in drive, even on smooth roads!!

So can anyone help. I'm desperate.



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You could adjust the rubber stops next to the tailgate struts on the outside. Use a Torx bit and undo adjust and tighten. This will take up any play in the boot sometimes curing a rattle. Do not over do it or the boot won't close, but try out a few settings.

Also spray a fine grease into the seat mech next to your shoulder (if you were sitting in the back). cured my rattles/squeaks noises!!