Nurburgring Trip August 2012


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loads of us are going to the Nuburgring in aug. we have a booked track day and will be doing a tourist day too. from there we are thinking that Stelvio would be a good place to visit before coming back to the UK.

All the info is on E90 Post: ** Nurburgring Trip June 2012 ** - Page 5 - BMW 3-Series (E90 E92) Forum -

you will need to make yourselves a member of e90 post to get the discount on the track day.

Any q's then send Ant or Matt a message on e90 or give me a shout and i will try answer you the best i can.

Have fun....



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Stelvio is a ****** long way from the ring, Stuttgart is around 200 miles south and about halfway. And check its going to be open before you go, they close it every so often for maintenance and bike races etc.