Oil change service price S4


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Are stealers increasing service costs ?
Oil change .. two quotes... 349 and 389 ! 1 year ago i paid 250.
I wonder if service costs are rising to compensate for less new car sales revenue ... dealers seeing less new car movements , so that’s less revenue. So existing customers get shafted.
Once the car is out of warranty / contract , I will go indie ,


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Going indie now won't effect your warranty so long as they use oem parts

100%. I only used indies because Audi were looking for ridiculous money for what boiled down to just an oil change. The indie was still expensive but was down from £277 at Audi to £170 at the indie and had warranty work done after that with no issues.


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I paid £223 for my first service at 18k miles which included the inspection service. Warranty retained and digital service record updated.

Indies all the way! Dealer wanted £370 for an oil change alone.


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Had my 2nd oil only service back in July, dealer price match local Indy, £145. think dealer originally quoted £270.