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Right so doing few bits to get the car ready to sell.

It's been sat for around 3 months started every couple of weeks or so.

Only today thought I'll give it a run around the block.

Idled up to temp before hand

Probably 500 meters up the road and the oil pressure light comes on. Starts sounding noisy so turn it off. Oil levels fine.

Start it up no light. Rev it a little light on. Back to idle light off. Still slightly noisier than pervious

No issues at all before it was stood up now this.

Noticed the oil a little creamy from condensation.

Now question is.

1 Could it be oil just needs changing.

2 The pick ups clogged

3 Oil pump

Just wondered if anyone's come across this after having the car sat up for a while.

Engines on 186k now also.

Might just need warming up. If you only got 500m it would still be stone cold. If it is due an oil change, do it and give it a good run.


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if it was my car id have the sump off just to make sure.
cos if it is blocked that's bye bye to the engine


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Oil pick up sludged up.


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Ok started up again and light still comes on once it's revved a little

Only done the oil pick up 30k ago.

Can only think being sat a while has caused the oil to sludge up


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Whipped the sump off

Was well clogged with loads of tiny pieces of grey rubber/sealant. So no idea where that's come from?

But will stick back together hopefully problem solved

D9n dk

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reading this actually made me worry about mine I've not driven it for a couple of months due to having a company truck i take home but i start it up every week and leave it running for a while. i got home this afternoon and dug it off the driveway and took it for a long drive to get the oil around the engine again started first time no problems and still drove like a dream.

hopefully yours isn't anything more than the loose bits of sealant maybe from when the sump was sealed up last time?

keep us updated on how it gets on


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Well it ain't the pick up ffs.

Give it a service also

Started up ran sweet nice an quiet for 10 mins

Then noticed steam from in the block with the filler cap off, oil cap misting white slightly. (Thinking maybe condensation after having no sump on for few days).

Also started smoking like a trooper. Blue smoke which dissappeared after 5 mins

So gave It a drive. Not even 10 mins

Oil light back on again! Noisy damn engine again.

So what's the problem?

Oil cooler
Head gasket (starts on the button tho).

Just seems weird It ran absolutely fine then all of a sudden oil light and loud engine.

Almost like somethings just instantly giving up. Almost like a pressure relief valve is opening and bypassing.

Any ideas?


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Is it possible the relief valve in the filter housing to cause this issue?

Possibly sticking or weak.

Struggling to work out why a sudden drop in oil pressure


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Ran it again today. No issues.

2 3 4 5k revs no oil light.

Burns oil for random amounts of time.

Once up to temp I get steam in the block. As you can see on the picture

But as soon as it's driven the oil pressure light pops up under load then stays on.

Then once stopped turned off for couple of mins it's back to fine until driven again.

Seems kinda sluggish as well which makes me think head gasket or turbo.

Bottom end doesn't knock at all until the pressure light comes on so. That's why I was thinking it's not the bearings


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Done a compression test

Cold engine

1. 178 2. 175 3. 160 4. 170

Hot engine

1. 161 2. 161 3. 155 4. 160

Thinking number 3 probably dirtier valve seats

But all seems fine compression wise.

Removed tip had a feel of the turbo. Seems like a fair amount of play there. Probably a good 1/2 mm movement side to side.

Is it possible for coolant to pass into the oil side of the turbo for the steam to get into the block.

Bizarrely it didn't smoke at all today.


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You will see a small amount of room on the turbo shaft, it floats and is held in pressurised oil..
If your not running it that long it's quite normal to see condensation from the oil filler cap, it takes longer than you might think to get it completely warmed up.
Is it fitted with a water cooled oil cooler, usually fitted under the oil filter somewhere, they have a habit of breaking down and mixing one with the other.
Is the coolant still nice and clean..


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Yea I didn't know if it was excessive amount of movement.

The steam/condensation seems excessive now for normal running been run for 4 or 5 times now for a good amount of time. Also only appears after its fully warmed up to temp. Yes it has an oil cooler

Coolant clean and holds pressure as expected so really am struggling with this one.

I still can't explain the sudden oil pressure loss when driven. I could go out there now start it up, Rev it to 4 5k and hold it with now oil light.

But once you drive it stick your foot down for 2 mins wham oil light and really noisy engine/knocking. Then the light stays on until stopped.

I can't get my head around why it runs fine whilst stationary then just suddenly loses all oil pressure when driven.

Lacks some power as well seems Laggy.

Which makes me think the turbo but surely the turbo seals would mean blue smoke all the time? And would it cause low oil pressure?

It used to smoke after a few minutes on idle once warm (only when warm never at start up) before I parked it up. Also used water and i used to have to top it up every couple of months. So not a huge amount.

Really struggling with this one and I don't get defeated that easily