OOOOOps, I've kissed a curb!

Sally, Surrey

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And I've kissed enough frogs in my time too!!! Anyay, I wasn't concentrating, and hit the edge of a curb at low speed while pulling up outside the house, but the sharp edge of the paving slab has gouged a little hole of rubber - about the size of a little finger nail - just above the rim of the alloy. Do I need to buy a new tyre? Is it legal? Is is SAFE?
Any advice would be appreciated.:unsure:


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Feeling ya pain!.....without seeing the damage to the tyre it is hard to answer any of your questions.

However, in my opinion, ANY tyre damage is not worth risking!.

I'd get it sorted as last thing you'd want is a high speed blowout or you'll end up doing more damage than a scraped alloy!