Orange dipstick tube / housing


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Hi all,

Where can I get the orange dipstick tube from for my 1.9 TDi AWX?

Checked the oil and the upper half of the orange pipe came up with the dipstick :blink:


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VAG main dealer or TPS (Trade Part Specialists)


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Got mine off eBay for less than a fiver if you can wait a day or two.

Highly recommended keeping a good few litres of oil in the car if it's still being driven and if possible to block the hole to the best of your ability as when this happened to me I was getting constant low oil lights as it was all escaping through the broken dipstick tube.


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As mentioned bee, mine did the same on my MK4 Golf. I just went to the main dealer and from memory, it wasn't that expensive either.


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Get the original part from the dealer, it's under £15 for both the stick and funnel. I got some aftermarket vaico or topran crap and the level was off.