Our track test of the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance


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A few weeks ago we tested the EfficientGrip Performance, the newest tyre in the EfficientGrip range from Goodyear.


For the development of this tyre, Goodyear has improved the level of safety and lower fuel consumption, and as a result the tyre achieves excellent tyre labelling results (BA in most of the dimensions). Globally we find among others these major advances;

- The WearControl technology ensures that tyre wear is even and regular. It helps maintain stable performances and a lower rolling resistance throughout the tyre’s life.

- The ActiveBraking technology, characterised by the 3D block design, increases the contact area when braking.

Our track test

1st test; does EfficientGrip Performance deserve an A?

Goodyear invited us to its test track at Mireval, near Montpellier, to test the EfficientGrip Performance and compare it with some of its competitors on the wet. Remember that the A rating (or B for certain dimensions) is for wet grip. We drove a VW Golf VII for the wet driving test. First impression; The EfficientGrip Performance came out top handling wet roads with disconcerting ease. The tyre is safe, responsive and offers excellent grip balance between the front and rear. Result: Neutral handling, the car neither understeers (the front slides) nor oversteers (the rear slides).

TÜV SÜD, the independent testing organization, conducted a test on the same track and it showed that the EfficientGrip Performance was an average of 2.5 seconds faster than its competitors

2nd test; a good summer tyre?

We changed car; Mercedes Class A 200 with 156 horsepower. Technical and twisty, the Mireval track is the ideal place to put the tyre through its paces. Result; Precision is manifest and the feeling of security is complete.

Check out the video showing its precision

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance track test - rezulteo - YouTube

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