P0171 engine running lean help!!

Jason Riley

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So I'm losing patients with my car throwing up code p0171 engine running lean.
I installed a ram air filter and since I did i keep getting this code and the car isn't running properly. This is everything I've done.

Correctly installed filter
Checked all clamps
Installed old air box
Checked every pipe for leaks
Replaced pcv valve and gasket
Upgraded to gfb dv+
Cleaned MAF several times
Cleaned injectors

Why am I still getting this code!?
Anyone else had this problem?


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And if you remove the intake does it go away?

Jason Riley

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Update so I put the original stndard set up back on and no eml light! Car is running brilliant and smoother pulling like a train again!?
Why is this? Does the s3 not like induction kits or has car got some remap on from previous owner?