Help Please Part identification - transmission/drive shaft

Can anyone help with a part number for item 8, on the far left of the image.

Apparently this needs replacing on my vehicle and i'm having issues in identifying it using parts websites.

Vehicle is an A4, 2.0 TFSI, Quattro, 2012, but a B8.5.




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Message Coverdale car parts on Facebook. Mike will be able to help. I’ve see a local Indy replace that in Quattro and said it was just under 400 hundred quid.

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Looks like part 8 on here.
Looks like the output shaft with a vibration damper attached.
After getting the car back up on the ramp, I've been able to confirm part 8 is the part with the issue. The central rubber is coming away from the aluminium housing.

My next issue is understanding how to remove the existing part from the gearbox and prop shaft [images below] and then fitting the replacement. The new part is splined at both ends and doesn't have anywhere obvious that might utilise bolts to affix it.

Do you know or have any insight as to how i might be able to remove and replace this dampener?

At this point, i'm looking to purchase the appropriate PDF repair manual via erWin, so my mechanic knows how to do it.


Existing part in situ


New part
20210422_081000.jpg 20210422_081006.jpg 20210422_081035.jpg 20210422_081042.jpg 20210422_081055.jpg
Looks like it is retained by a circlip in the back of the centre differential housing.

You have to remove the rear part of the gearbox which is the centre differential housing.

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very helpful - thanks. Potentially a gearbox specialist job, if my mechs are not able to remove the housing

On the exploed diagram, part 4 is a protective ring and parts 12, 13 are securing ring. I wonder if one of those are the circlip that you refer to?

Would you be able to share the PDF from which you have grabbed this image showing the circlip in blue? I have found this doc:

and this:

...which certainly give more insight.

Thanks once again.
Parts chap from Audi Hitchin was helpful. I'd ordered the balancer from him a few days earlier and called back to enquire if any other parts would be required. He's identified the circlip from the gearbox side and a 'one time use' jubilee clip on the propshaft. I hope that these are the only additional parts I need for the job.

I managed to find those PDFs using the code on the gearbox houseing image you posted, so v pleased with that.

Massive thanks for your help @desertstorm !