Part Number Needed - B6 Cabriolet


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Ok strange one,

the plastic trim of the drivers door handle has fell off on the way home along the motorway tonite, was there wen i left work but gone by the time i got home!

so now needing the part number, drivers side of the plastic outer handle which clips on to the main handle.

outside,B6 2004 Cabriolet??

anyone else have this problem?


2003 1.8T Sport Ebony Black A4 Cabriolet
What a useful website. Thanks for the link :):):)


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How's old the car m8, because I was in my local stealer when a guy came in with the same problem, they replaced it even though it was out of warrenty as it's a common problem:uhm:


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car is only 2004 dec

got a service coming up soon, so might try and blag it! lol