Particle filters


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I've just bought myself an RS5, but previously had a skyline legally running high power. I'm fairly interested in the same with the RS5 but I'm a bit behind the times with the current MOT regulations and road legality.

My car is a 68 plate so I believe has the fuel particle filters on it as well as the catalytic converters. I had a 100cell cat on the skyline and gave a very hard drive prior to an MOT and it would pass without anyone looking the other way. I prefer not to have to make deals and 'on the sly' jobs with MOT dealers to be honest.

From my understanding now, the particle filters are in the resonators and if you remove them, they are an MOT failure? Anyone have any real experience of this?

What I would ideally like is, from the headers, a single 100cell cat directly after the downpipe as an attachment, then all the way to the back free flowing. I've been looking at the miltek systems, although never used miltek before as I have a friend who made the exhaust system for my skyline. That being said, I want to maintain the dynamic/comfort exhaust valves on my sports exhaust system.