Parts Request live again


Staff member
Hi All,

We know that a lot of members really like the parts request system, and it was something we wanted to include in the upgraded site.

It's taken a decent amount of fiddling, but we've got a new system working to perform this valued function. There's a link to Parts Request in the navigation bar at the top of your screens (on mobile devices it might be in an overflow menu); from there it should hopefully be pretty self-explanatory.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept: when you create a parts request, Audi parts department staff resident on the forum are alerted, and can provide quotes for the genuine parts you requre. Simply fill out the form with your vehicle details, and describe the parts or supply part numbers for the items you need; when a dealer responds, you'll be notified by the bubble at the top right of the screen, and via email if you choose to be when you submit your request.

N.B. Vehicle details you may supply (registration and/or VIN) are only visible to you and staff assigned on the Parts Request system - other members can't see them - but the rest of the request is visible to other registered users (so that people can see how the system works, and may find information to guide them about particular parts).

Let us know if there are any problems. All the best,

ASN Admin Team