Help Please PCV replacement - ECU flash required?

I suspect my pcv needs replacing due to slight rough idle and misfires. Plugs are brand new NGKs. Coils are also realtively new and the misfires don't follow the coils as I swap them between cylinders.

The question is, do I need to have the ECU flashed after replacing the old part?

I have read that due to part revisions, this may be the case.

Original part number is 06H 103 495AE
Replacement part is 06H 103 495AH

I'm doing the work myself so hoping I don't need to have it reflashed by the dealer.

Edit: B8.5 2.0 TFSI, 2012, CDNC, APR stage 1
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In thinking it would eliminate the oil I found in the breather hose, I made the same swap from AE to AH and was informed no software update was necessary. The oil still collects but I haven't found the car runs any different and I was informed if I made the swap and without the software the car would run like $#!7...

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