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Hi all,

Decided to give this a try apparently it improves throttle response.

Will report back after our Cornwall holiday.

Happy xmas.


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A VERY interesting piece of kit Sean…

Back it my early days of tuning Spitfires (the Triumph variety, go steady, I'm not that old) and GT6's and then Lotus Twin Cams it was a regular 'trick' to swap the 2-stiffer throttle return springs for a softer pair and the result from the owner/driver was always the same: "WOW! You just have to touch the throttle pedal and it's away, thanks mate" :whistle2:

It's not for me to say that this box of wizardry may replicate the same, but it is interesting - no direct connection between the pedal and the throttle body of course. :uhm:

Enjoy Cornwall, have a safe journey, and a very good Christmas.


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Great let us know how you get on with that. I have no experience with anything like that but I do know how important precise throttle and brake control are.

The thing I've seen most often is people way too eager to get on the throttle both too early and too hard. A friend was getting all depressed that his Megane RS265 was lapping much slower than expected at a trackday and asked me to passenger in the car with him for a few laps. He was brave I'll give him that and we were using all the grip the Megane had and the diff was making some serious moaning noises on the exit of each corner. I've had enough instruction to give a few pointers and using the lap times on the PerformanceBox we could measure the difference. He'd been running anything between 1:19.8 and 1:21.2 laps and the well drive Clio 200 Cups were hanging on to him, hence his displeasure.

Over the next 5 laps he just balanced the throttle more, easing on the power as he unwound the lock while letting the car find it's natural line toward the outer edge of the track. No more strange noises from the diff and almost 10mph gained at the end of the longest straight as a result. Again through a long sweeper where he'd previously been all throttle and a big lairy understeering slide toward the infield he now balanced the throttle. The RS265 will behave remarkably neutrally if you do this, this time both the apex speed is up by 5mph and the brake point for next corner by 8mph. The final corner on this track is true 180 degree wide sweeping hairpin, it's here he had been spinning away most of his speed, with an apex speed of just 23mph because he was back on the throttle way too early. Taking a later, wider line and with the lighteat throttle pressure he got that up to 29mph and removed all the horrible diff and wheelspin noises too.

The result, consistent 1:17.2 laps and the Clio's were eating dust. It was awesome to see the transformation in a few laps. It's hard to believe at first but slower, smoother and more balanced is the key to going faster. So this was my Harry Hogge "Run laps any way you like, then laps like I want you to. Give me an honest run. If you do, I'll beat you.moment" in life. But seriously I only know any of this because I've made the same mistakes.

Anyway to the point, if the pedal box gives you better control and a more linear throttle then it has to be a good thing.


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slower, smoother and more balanced is the key to going faster.

For further proof of that just watch the F1 drivers in the reasonably priced car on Top Gear - the slower they look, the faster the time is.



Fitted the pedalbox yesterday morning selected Sport+ mode on the controller on off we went to Cornwall, I have to say it does make a noticeable difference, very sharp response when accelerating (not that the RS3 was a slouch like my previous S3 when pulling away)
Easy to fit just unplug the accelerator pedal and fit this to the connector then plug the pedalbox into the original connection.

Select either Eco, sport or sport + and that's it.

I think for the price it's a good bit of kit.

As MBK said it does give better response and more control so it can only be a good thing.

Off out now to do more testing. Ha ha.


Well it's blowing a gale here in Cornwall but that'll not deter me from venturing out, more testing of the pedalbox required (that's my excuse). Oh dear the rain is coming down almost sideways. :racer:


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Sounds like it just remaps the throttle position to throttle value fed to the engine ECU based on the chosen map. SO you'll get the choice between more responsive or more controllable.