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I just received my delivery of new pedal caps for the A5, quoted as original pedal set (8K1064200D) for RHD but I was delivered 2 clutch pedal covers and one accelerator cover.

I contacted the seller who informs me that this is correct as Audi do not make a RHD brake pedal so they supply 2 clutch pedals?. This means that the lip for stopping your foot going under the brake pedal is on the wrong side.

Seems odd that Audi wouldn't have a correct RHD set!.

Can anyone who has either bought or has these pedals on their car confirm this for me if he is correct in what he is saying please. Just need some confirmation before going back to him, Thanks..
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Yep the plain black pedals are pretty ugly for such a nice car.

So the accel pedal goes on fine, there is no cover on the existing pedal so just put the new cap straight on. Brake and clutch covers come off OK and brake cap went on fine as well. I put some fairy liquid around the outside of the pedal and put the cap into boiling water for 10mins before fitting.
The clutch pedal for some reason was difficult to get on and when it was on it moved left to right about 5mm each way. I removed it and put some epoxy on the pedal and re-installed it and perfect once the epoxy dried.

The footrest was a bit different, it comes with the aluminium footrest attached to a plastic base with location pins but the location pins don't seem to clip into the holes of the existing footrest. Also the new footrest is about 15mm thick so would impede the travel of the clutch pedal. My fix was to remove the aluminium piece from the plastic backing, remove the stainless steel tabs and then bonded the stainless piece to the existing footrest.

I find that your foot still hits to footrest when dipping the clutch and you loose a few mm of pedal travel as they are very close but something you will get used to.
There's no comparison though between these and the existing pedals. These ones look great.

Gary pa28

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Thanks for the photos and tips , there a lot better and can't believe they don't come standard .
I've ordered mine and they have been posted ,1st job on list when I get the car ,then interior LEDS