Performance, variety key to Audi A4 family




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Interesting, particularly the 2nd last para mentioning a RS5 Sportback.

Already given feedback on the incorrect photos.
And the relevance of this to the UK market is......?

AUDI will rely more heavily on S and RS sports models, as well as less traditional versions of its broader A4 range such as the A5, as it attempts to reverse declining sales of its one-time bestseller in Australia in the face of increasingly popular SUV alternatives.


Who said it was???
If you remove your blinkers, I am not the only Aussie Audi owner who either is a forum member or a casual reader wanting to further their general knowledge about the Audi brand. the mention of a RS5 Sportback, in addition to the newish RS5 Coupe, from an Audi exec., is irrelevant?
...if I recall, the A4 has not been a roaring success globally. So, would not Audi's 'fix-it plan' also be global. Obviously it does not include the UK.
...also Oz & UK are 2 of the few rhd markets. Whilst Oz is not the largest market, the strong sales of Avants here certainly assists with Audi continuing production of rhd wagons, as opposed to ceasing production and forcing buyers to buy SUV's or nothing. So, by necessity, it is a team effort.
Oh that's right, manufacturers always give the market want they desire, within reason, of course.