Petrol door button


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Has anyone ever come across this problem below

When i press the petrol door opening button, the door fails to open and doesnt respond
But later on in the day if i try it again it will open.
The issue is currently intermittent but i am getting worried that i will be at the petrol station again with hardly any petrol and it will not open.
Is there an emergency feature to bypass the button?
Is it a fuse that is on its way out or a fault with the button itself?
Pls help


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Hi, I've not come across this problem myself but if you have auto locking at 15mph, when you got to the petrol station and only open the drivers door leaving the ignition key in, the rest of the doors will be locked and the fuel flap release button will not work, so either pull the key out of the ignition to unlock everything or press the unlock button on the drivers door and the fuel flap release button will work, a long shot but this may be causing you the problem.

The way to manually unlock the fuel flap is open the boot and on the side the fuel flap is on there's a plastic cover behind the rear light, pop that off and in there you will see a metal rod, the bottom of the rod is connected to the fuel flap release motor and the top is connected to a black plastic pivot, put your finger onto the pivot and push down so the rod goes down into the motor, this will release the fuel flap.

Hope this helps, cheers Jim


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I know this thread is a bit old, but for the record, if your central locking is closed manually say and you open drivers door, you cannot open petrol flap till c/l is opened. found out the hard way lol