Phenomenon ?


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After a member here recommended some road legal 5000K H7 halogens .

I got them and was happy , my old Osram Night Breaker Plus had yellowed off with age .

However the 5000K made my 4000K warm white Osram LED sidelights look , well too warm .

2017-05-07 22.58.44.jpg

So I purchased some Philips 6000K 501 LED to help match .

WTF ??

2017-05-07 22.54.00.jpg

The H7 are 3 weeks old and have been used once from one side of town to the next , why do they now look yellow ?


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I'm completely bewildered to the array of products on offer , HID blue with age so LED being newer has my interest , but then there's , fan , braids , dark spots , fitting as in the product poking out the back .

No guarantee to colour match either , what one manufacturers call 6000K might be another's 5000K .

Life was simple once where you chose either Osram Night Breaker or Philips Xtreme Vision .