Phone prep removal and double din conversion

Thom Cottrell

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Hi all,

So I should be picking up my A4 Avant 2005 2.0TDI tomorrow and it has the phone prep attached to the centre console.

I want to remove this phone prep as I have a iPhone 6 Plus and if I end up with holes after I'd like to cover them up.

I've looked on eBay and seen you can get a replacement centre console cheap'ish but how do I know if it will fit my A4? I have navigation controls on my centre console next to the hand brake, will this be problematic? And would you say this is easy to replace?

My next question is, if I replace the centre console I'd like to covert the single din to a double din but can't find a cheap bracket to do this. Is this also difficult to do?

Sorry if this is asking to much, but I hate the phone prep thing.


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Hi good luck with your new motor as ive read you other thread i dont know about the phone cradle but doing the sigle to double is easy a bit of time is needed i have a link of how to. Youll find the part you need is cheaper from audi than second hand. the climate control you can cut down to fit or look for a cheap double din one.


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First part look ok if you have arm rest or are plaining to fit second you can get from audi for a bit cheaper brand new try mike in parts request for a price.

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Thom Cottrell

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I already have he arm rest in the car so yeah hats fine.

As for the second part I've got the double dim climate control or steady I think it's double.

I'll try the parts section for it too.