Pic Request.... A4 B6 with RS4 B7 Style 7 Spoke Alloys


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Hi there,

I run a 2003 A4 B6 Quattro Sport and my 5-spoke 17 inch alloys are desperately in need of a refurb.

I'm probably going to get them done sometime soon but while thinking about it I'm also looking at possible replacements. For a while I've been thinking about the boggo standard 18in 5-spoke S-Line style alloys but I'm also tempted by the 7-spoke RS4 double-spoke style ones from the 2006 B7 car.

I think 19in wheels would look at little over the top on mine but 18s should look pretty cool and yet won't look out of place on a B6.

Can you get replicas of these wheels for the B6? On the likes of ebay most suppliers only seem to do them for the later B7 chassis. Do they only come with a different stud pattern or offset?

Any info would be very helpful..




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hi mate not sure what mine are lol but are these the type your talking about double spokes?, mine are 19's and the arches eat them up and make them look tiny!, i need to get it lowered especially at the front!


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Springer, I have sent you a PM.


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Car looks good Glenandem!

Seems strange that a lot of suppliers say that the wheels they are selling will fit a 2005 B7 car but not a 2000-04 B6 model if they are the same fitment!?

I'll do some more digging :laugh: