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I wanted to create playlists on the usb drive that is attached to one of the usb ports.

I have my whole music collection on a laptop and I copied this to the root of the USB drive. I have the music sorted by artist, then Album title, unless its a compilation album then these are located in a folder called Various.
  • So using your favourite music player (that can export playlists), I used MediaMonkey.
  • Create a playlist, once you are happy with the playlist, export it as a .m3u file
  • Before you copy this over to the root of your USB drive, you need to edit the file (i used Notepad++)
  • Its effectively a txt file with the full path of the file you wish to play, you need to remove the path so that it matches your folder structure on your USB drive.
  • eg if the txt file had
    c:\Music\SomeBand\SomeAlbum\01 - Track1.mp3
    then you you need to remove everything up to the Bandname (or artist), in this example the line would look like
    SomeBand\SomeAlbum\01 - Track1.mp3
  • Save the file once you have done a search and replace, then copy it to the root of the USB
  • Now when you go to media and got to playlists (icon next to source i think) you will see the playlist you have created.
  • If it cannot find the file then check that you have the correct path and filename (including the case) as the Audi seems to be case sensitive.
Some guides say you need the \ before the path, but that didnt work for me, and only figured out it was case sensitive when some worked and some didnt.