Please help - Strange Beeping


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So basically I've had my 2012 TT for a year now and it's still in warrantee... a couple weeks ago I noticed a really random beep/click noise on my right shoulder in the back! It sounds a lot like the Parking sensor noise, only a little quieter! It comes in no rhythm, when at a standstill with the engine running, when accelerating, it does it a couple times and stops or it can keep going for 100-200 metres without stopping!

I have taken it to Audi but unfortunately it didn't do it on the day to demonstrate and the recording of it I have they said they won't do anything until they can figure out what it is and what's causing it.... which is all well and good for them but it's driving me insane. The specialist said he thinks it's the Parking sensor as it's coming from that location but doesn't know which part of it needs work!
Is there anyone out there that has come across this so Audi do not think I'm crazy?



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In the Mk1 it's the battery in the alarm module failing that causes a similar issue. Fair chance it's the same on Mk2.


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Ive had this before it very well could be a failing/failed parking sensor, if you put the car into reverse whilst off but ignition on, then go to back of car and put ear to each sensor you'll hear a faint ticking noise on those working and if ones not ticking that could well be bust, I've had this issue my self. Tip - close the doors so you don't get the annoying beep when you go near them. If this doesn't work you can also test by removing the wires from the box in the boot one at a time to see which ones bust :)