Please help!!!


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Hi guys.

I was looking through the fault codes on my 2008 A8 as there is a slight issue with my rear right door not unlocking at times.

I was going through the tests and after it the rear right window does not go all the way up. it does not work from the buttons on driver door or button on the door itself, it goes up when i hold the remote lock button in but then comes back down again. i have to give it a press long enough to move the window and then let it go and keep doing that till it is up.

Also i now cant start the engine with the start button, i have to use the key, the screen does not go down when i turn the engine off, the motor for the boot works but the boot does not go up or down and when i leave the car for a few minutes the central locking doesnt work and i have to enter the car with the key and put ignition on and then it works again.

Any help would be great as this is driving me insane



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got it sorted. i remembered that i accidentaly clicked on the transport function which disabled a few things. i enabled it and all is working as it should