Polished Bliss: BMW's new 414bhp weapon!


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I'd been looking forward to this detail all week, and yesterday it finally came round - the new M3, so a short trip down the road to collect the car from the customers house and this was how it looked when i got it back to the unit:

The car has only done around 1300 miles but i dont think it had been washed more than once or twice since new!


The car was firstly given a thorough rinse down with the Karcher @ 50 degrees, this removed most of the grime stuck to the paint.

Next up was the wheels and arches, the arches were treated to Megs Super Degreaser and while this did its thing i applied Menzerna 7.5 Tyre and Wheel Cleaner, leaving for a minute before agitating with a MF Mitt and small wheel brush:

This cleaned the wheels up ok but there was quite alot of pitting remaining, especially on the fronts:

Autosmarts Tardis didnt touch these spots and i wasnt keen on using anything acidic (due to the finish on the face of the wheels) so that was Wheel Brightener eliminated. The only thing left was to clay the wheels with an agressive Meguiars Detailing Clay, this took what seemed for ever and nearly 2 hours later the wheels were squeaky clean again, including the inner rims. Very time consuming but its the little details that make all the difference! :)

The car was then washed with the 2BM and Megs Shampoo Plus including the shuts etc before being rinsed off, then Autosmart Tardis followed - not very difficult to see the tar on this car!

This was wiped off with a plush MF and then rinsed off.

Engine Bay was next, here it is after being soaked with Megs Super Degreaser:

This was then rinsed at medium pressure and i started the car and let it run for 10 mins to dry off.

Usually the Tardis removes pretty much everything stuck to the paint but not in this case, the entire car was covered in small metal filings:

Joys :rolleyes:

Another 2 and a bit hours later with the agressive clay again and the paint was cleaner than it probably was when brand new, being white i was determined to make sure it was 100% ready for polishing to get the maximum results :thumb:

A quick final rinse and dry with the leaf blower and a waffle weave followed and i then put the car inside.


The paintwork condition was pretty good with only very light swirling (and some heavy clay marring :D ) and the owner wasnt particularly fussed about full correction, so i chose to go with the 3M Ultrafina and finishing pad:

Note that this is the amount of polish i use to prime the pad, after the first set i only use a pea sized amount :)

The paintwork was polished @1800rpm's:

The carbon roof was done @1500rpm's to keep heat down:

Now the polishing was completed, out came the Zymöl duster to remove any dust:

And out with ye old Vintage!

As usual this was applied to all paintwork and trim and left while i did all the other jobs.

Poorboys Wheel Sealant was applied to the wheels:

Blackfire Tyre Gel was applied to the tyres.

Tailpipes were done with Blackfire Heavy Cut Metal Compound:



(the residue on the bumper was removed after the pic was taken, honest!)

Tardis was used to remove any remaining transport wax from shuts etc:



Vintage was then applied to the shuts too:

The chrome pieces were slightly tarnished:

So out with the Jeffs Prime Strong for a bit of chemical cleaning:

Back to new again:

The interior was also detailed, including feeding of the leather:



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Final job was to dress the engine bay with Aerospace 303 Protectant and buff off:

A couple of hours had passed by now so the wax was more than ready to come off. Recently i've been misting Field Glaze (which is kept in the fridge)onto the panel before buffing the Vintage off and this seems to make it even easier to remove (one clean swipe with the MF), whether it adds anything to the overall finish is difficult to tell :)

Now all that remains is to add the finished pics, enjoy :thumb:




I've now added one of these to my list for when i win the Lottery :D

Thanks for looking! :thumb:


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Saw this on detailing world. Magnificient, really is. The car and the job. Well done clark, you are running things in Scotland matey.

Wes G

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As usual, thats a superb job mate. I think thats the first white M3 I have ever seen, must admit its not a colour I would have thought about but that really does look amazing!!!:hubbahubba: :icon_thumright:


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Wow! 2nd one ive seen, the first on the M1 that I admit to tormenting a bit to get him to boot it, and he wouldnt play :-(
Never been a fan iof white cars, but as Funky_Junky says, it is th enew black! S3's and now M3's look amazing!
The new RS6 looks good too in white! I'll have 2 hehe


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Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!