Polished Bliss vs Very Swirly Mercedes C200


Polished Bliss
Written up by Clark, posted by me!


This detail was done down in Stirling the day after we did the Audi in Perth, and seeings as we finished in Perth at a reasonable time, we made the short journey south to get a look at the car so we knew what we were up against the next day :)

It was a bit grubby:




We were tempted to get the car washed there and then but we decided that it would take an hour or two at least and it was getting dark, so we headed to the Travelodge to relax and have an early night - this consisted of Rich quietly reading his booby mags (or science weekly if Mrs Bliss sees this!) while i sat and shouted at the football on the telly :motz:

Next morning and a 7:30am start, first up was the wash process - seeings as this wasnt a Zymöl detail i'll just list the products to save you all the long read :)


- Arches/shuts etc soaked with Megs safe-de greaser
- Whole car foamed with Megs safe de-greaser and AB lance
- Rinsed at high pressure,including shuts etc.
- Washed with 2bm
- Wheels cleaned with Megs Wheel Brightner and Menz 7.5 Gel.
- Rinsed
- Autosmart Tar & Glue remover on lower panels
- Megs Aggressive Clay (the car needed it as it was very rough!)
- rinsed and then dried with waffle weave towels.


Once inside, we switched the halogens to see what kind of defects we were facing. As usual - they were pretty bad:



As well as RIDS and swirls, the car was covered in holograms, which i suspect was from the bodyshop as the PTG readings indicated parts of the car had received paintwork, mainly the bonnet and front bumper/wings. The rest of the car read on average 90-120 microns, although the bootlid was around the 65-80 mark, oh goody! :rolleyes: ....

We tried the usual polish/pad combo's but decided to use a Megs Polishing pad and Menz IP3.02 @1800rpm's (ocassionaly the lubricants in the IP didnt work properly so we had to switch to PO9L and a couple of hits at times) the paint was the usual rock hard Merc paint.

Each panel was wiped down with Menzerna's Top Inspection spray that they sent us to try out, and i must say i'm very impressed with it so far, it removes all the smears and oils in one or two flashes :)

Although the paint was very hard, we (and the customer) were satisfied with the correction levels, here's a before of the bootlid:


And after:


Here's a 50/50 shot on one of the doors:


Just goes to show how much depth and clairty swirls can rob the paint of:


Once the polishing step was done and we'd dusted the car down, we applied the LSP which was Blackfire Ivory Carnauba Paste Wax, nice and easy for the customer to use and maintain the look of the car and nice and easy for Rich and I as were were tiring at this point!

Other products used:

- Glass - HD Cleanse
- Trim - Zymöl Carbon
- Wheels - PB Wheel Sealant
- Tyres - Blackfire Long Lasting Tyre Gel
- Arches - Meguiars All Season Dressing
- Final Wipe Down - Meguiars Last Touch


- Thorough hoover
- All surfaces wiped down with Megs APC cut 10:1
- Door shuts polished with Jeffs Prime Strong

The sun was just disappearing by the time we'd finished but we still managed to get some pics before the light died completely :)













So just over 12 hours work in total, and although it was very tiring doing this particular detail - the before and afters are night and day so this made it a satisfactory one :cool:

Thanks for looking as always :icon_thumright: