Possible Eagle F1 as3 fitment issue?


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hi all

As per the title just had new Goodyear eagle F1 assymetric 3 tires fitted all round on my s3. On this forums recommendation.

I do have a query though, The front tires have a pronounced rim protector, but strangely the rears don't. Have they been fitted incorrectly?

Images attached.


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Hmm does appear odd.

Check on tyre sites to see if the ASY 3 is available with and without rim protectors there may be a possibility that you have different tyres front and rear - it should say rim protector on the sidewall or at least it did do when I had Asy 2's.


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Hi, seen your add on the forum for the S3 up for sale.

I’m new to the forum so it won’t let me PM you or reply directly to the adverts post, so had to hijack another thread

Was hoping to discuss the car for sale. Perhaps you can DM me?