Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...


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Love those rotiform wheels, think they suit the B8 & B9s really well! Looks great Gledy
Thanks, just coincidence hers came with 20” blqsand mine came with the 19s. Bought her some s5 peelers for winter, just looking for a set of winter 19s for mine, not sure what to go for.


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Wow! I'm loving your avant gledy..
Making me have major wrap envy, now you have me thinking about some sort of black/white & grey camo wrap on mine :grimacing:

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Well, just as we've got going in the other sections... Lets have a good show of some nice B8 photos...

Please try to keep discussion on this thread to a minimum - we just want plenty of good photos!

If I could possibly get away with it, I'd be off down to the dealership in November to place an order for one of these...





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Ah right, mines made by Infinity Exhausts in Bristol. I'm probably going to get them to turn it into a twin pipe system at some point, just need to sort out a rear diffuser like my current one.


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Picked this up on the weekend. 2010 S4 3.0 V6 T:



What a machine it is. Powerful, refined and really comfortable. I’m really pleased with it. Been wanting one for a long time now and this one came up at the right price so couldn’t pass it up.

It’s got a stage 1 ECU and gearbox map pushing out 400bhp.

The b7 you can see in the background is now going to become my track car. It’s stage 3 with K04 etc, 340bhp.


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Points to anyone who knows where the windmill in the background is from ;)
"Forza windmill" (Forza Horizon 4), aka Chesterton Windmill (near Leamington Spa)


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Now. Bilstein pro kit, rs4 grille and fog grilles, led lights external and internal, dechromed, 19inch ava memphis, hankook ventus tyres, stage 1 mapped


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No mines is just standard s line I de chromed it. I’d like the flat bottom steering wheel tho that will be my next buy.

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Is yours a 3 spoke wheel or 4 spoke? Mines 4 spoke, took me ages too find a flat bottom 4 spoke that was reasonably priced. We have problems with the airbag supposedly