Pothole, or not?


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I read this article and have come to the conclusion that the car must have been in very poor condition for this to happen OR it was a monster of a pothole.
here's the article http://garagewire.co.uk/offbeat-new... pothole rips rear axle from vehicle at 25mph

For the whole axle to come off there must have been serious corrosion within twelve inches of the rear suspension mounts, well that's my thoughts anyway.
The article is a little vague though as it doesn't mention the age of the vehicle in question but for such a failure to happen at all is concerning to say the least.


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1) a “small” pothole ripped both rear wheels off? They’re not beam axle are they?

2) she span four times at 25mph?

I think someone is exaggerating.


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In fairness, with the rear axle missing and the only traction available (2 tyres) no longer attached to the car, it probably would spin around especially if she over corrected the car in a panic.


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Another article here, I'd read this the other day and thought much the same.
The car must have been in a bad way to do this much damage.

They’re not beam axle are they?
They definitely did at that age and the following shape. Not so sure any more?

To spin 4 times I imagine she may have still been accelerating + when braking there would have only been the front wheels doing all the work. Add to that the angle the rear beam has finished it was only ever going to spin around in circles. But she must have been going faster then 25mph!


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'Daisy' :shrug: