Private Market Value

Dave Hedgehog

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What could i expect to get for my car privatly

June 2012
1 owner
32k miles
No mods
all original panels, paint, no damage apart from the rear bumper scuff repainted
light marks on some rims
white with black trim option
black roof rails
black and red rims 255 on front
light and rain sensors
audi 5 year warranty
rear mat, cargo net, charge

probably some other minor stuff :p



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Traded mine for new 8v a few weeks past and managed a respectable £25.5k for similar. They have since stuck £6k on it and put in forecourt with their approval badge!

Recon £26k private is about right though for a fair and decent sale.


I'm not an RS3 owner but i am amazed at the values of these cars even for 4 year old higher mileages. Is this because of the limited production of them or what? Expect the 8V to be the same or not because of unlimited production?


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Mine's in for a 10-year haul, period; allowed for a ZERO value at the end so £5K per year depreciation so anything above that in September 2021 will be a bonus: and anyone interested start saving now:


Might have 30K miles on it by then, maybe....



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Similar age/mileage etc, I expect circa £25k. Tempted to got for a similar age TTRS at the mo. Would look at RS4 but it won't fit in the garage!