Problems after just a few days...

9 below zero

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Hi, i bought my 96 audi on the weekend. All was fine doing the trip home and taking it for a few spins but today i've noticed a few problems.

The n/s indicator stayed on, not flashing but constantly on and the arrow on the dash was also constantly on. pulled the hazard switch out and it went off and back to normal with no problem since.

Second problem of today is the interior light works fine but now when you open the door it doesn't come on. along with bliping the car the light used to come on when the doors unlocked but now no light, yet it works when you hit the switch.

And the third problem of today, I took the keys out of the ignition and opened the drivers door and the window just opened itself?

What is gong on with my car? is it posessed?


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You need to call these guys.