Proudest Mod so far

Jay A3

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Just trying to get a feel for what others think the best mod and proudest they have done so far to their cars. Im sure we will get different variations, would like to see if there are any common ones popping up. Mine is nothing special i think it would be fog lights. Anyone like to share?


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LCR Front Splitter
N249 Bypass (made the car run alot better!)


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unimaginative but my remap. Was such a big difference for the price and made me fall in love with my car immediately


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Same as Dave think it would be the remap but because thats were it all begun and then got the bug......not sure if thats a good thing or bad :eyebrows:
I would have to say B5 TIP, now I have one I feel like im part of the ASN community :respekt:


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Getting my rear wheels to fit,or the engine bay coming together over time!


My other car is a MINI!!!!
I don't know really, I'm fairly happy with a fair few of mine on the track car!

On the daily, I'd say it's the Porsche brakes for sure:


Overall though, it's got to be the cage in the track car:


Speedy Steve

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Hybrid has to be mine hehe


Defo worth the wait :)
Not this car, but on my Mk3 Golf GTI, panel filter was fitted then I just drilled the air box like mad, went out for a spin and it sounded like a VR6, not bad for £15!!!

Was very pleased with that and impressed too :)


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I second the remap, got to be the best mod so far!


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Might sound silly but, LED sidelights/numberplate lights and facelift rear clusters. Made the car look so smart for not very much outlay.

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My gloss black headlight and carbon fibre wrapped grill.



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For me it's either;

1) Remap
2) Orange Roof and Mirrors
3) Square Plate

Really fallen in love with car this year!

its got to be my grill, yes i know its not to everyone's taste but come on just look at it lol

Think I saw your car at Awesome GTi - looked well :)


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Mine so far was replacing the PCV pipes and Terracotta hose, more a repair than a Mod, but gave me the best power gains after buying the car as it wasnt running even standard power with those leaks..

I think my hybrid conversion will be my fav mod in a couple of weeks time though, once the rest of the parts arrive finally :-/ Will report back on that.


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erm...well i've only had the car a week but I modified my 8P boot net with some new hooks to fit my 8L boot :)

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oh forgot. My gloss black headlights and my white dials are my favourite mods. Think I have the 2 most rarest mods for a S3 lol :)


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Kev, you been busy this summer at shows mate. There's 3 pictures of your cars in Performance BMW lol at two separate shows.

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Took them out and split the back of the headlight from the front glass by heating up the glue in between them.

Then took the internal parts apart, rubbed down the sprayed a few times.

It really give the car a mean and modern look but still looking OEM.