Q5 Q5 Gas smell in cabin when stationary and in gear


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We own a 2012 Q5 diesel auto. For the last month or so I've noticed a strong smell of gas in the cabin, assumed to be coming through the vents, but only when stationary (i.e. sat in traffic, or at traffic lights). I've since determined that the smell is only apparent when in drive with foot on the brake; when in park there is no smell.

The smell is incredibly strong and builds quickly, so much so that we have to open windows. I'd describe the smell as actual gas rather than diesel.

There doesn't appear to be any fuel leaks. The garage have also had a thorough look and also can't locate any leaks.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be?

Edit: The smell also seems to only be apparent when the heaters are on and AC off. I can't smell it when the AC is on.
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